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Want to fly?

Vill du kunna flyga?
Då måste du vårda dina vingfästen!

Want to fly?
Then you need to care for your wing strongholds!

Vill du kunna flyga? - Vårda dina vingfästen! @BirgittaRudenius

The key!

The key (via http://foto.rudenius.se)

“The key to relaxation is peace of mind. The relaxation gained from alcohol, drugs or just listening to music may seem attractive, but it doesn’t last.” Dalai Lama

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Icy like

Icy evening
Captured in the glass
Dark and hidden
Can’t reach
My inner soul
Protected well
Deep inside
Love to feel
My warming heart.




September 2013
a dramatic sky
not too much autumn
still it’s green
still it’s warm
the sun can shine
and I feel so fine!